GCMD – Glycemic Control Meal Designer (Full Version)

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World’s first glycemic index meal calculating app with multi-level algorithm that accurately estimates meal-GI, as well as calculate carbohydrates, fiber, protein & gluconeogenesis, calories and fat.


GCMD (for Excel)

Glycemic Control Meal Designer

For greater control

over the glycemic impact of your meals

The world’s first diabetes application that can accurately calculate glycemic index of a meal (meal GI) or recipe, count carbs, glycemic load, gluconeogenesis (GNG), and other parameters. Both type-1 and type-2 diabetics now have a tool to better manage blood glucose response, whatever diet and therapy they choose to effect.

The recipe analyser allows you to create low-carb and low-GI recipes at home, as well analyze any recipe, utilizing an onboard database of over 1000 core foods with macronutrient and glycemic data. This allows GCMD to be very fast and easy to use – simply choose your foods, enter the weights, and make adjustments to achieve your target carbohydrate count, protein count (to gauge GNG), and glycemic index. GCMD can help you achieve your goals on low-carb, low-GI, Paleo, Keto, or any diet with specific macronutritional and/or glycemic goals.

This app can also be utilized for those seeking weight-loss as well as for body building diets (can design high-medium-low carb/GI meals as needed for dynamic and intense workout/rest schedules).

Planning glycemic-friendly meals is now a snap!

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